On a Mission for Commission?

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Who knows more about what deals closed and why than salespeople?


Buyers have run hundreds of proof-of-concept projects. Multi-year, multi-million dollar deals are just another day on the job. They have architected the most complex environments in the world. And have lived with the decisions of the vendors they chose.

I conducted informational interviews at J.P. Morgan, AIG, Morgan Stanley, and ADP. I asked every buyer why they bought from a seller in a specific profession (i.e., Global Account Executive, Sales Engineer, Solutions Architect). I also enquired about deal-breakers that made them walk away.

After I ran the buyer interviews, I profiled my highest-performing peers who work for Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 companies. Ultimately, after sharing their profiles with an Olympic sports psychologist, I concluded that communicating with confidence was their common denominator. And I tested out a known method for increasing confidence.

It works.

Then, I created a 3-week training program, as well as multiple 1-hour conference presentations. They help sales departments strengthen their communication skills which are essential to be credible and convincing in a sales meeting.

Now, I have a publicly recognized client who is a “Top Sales Director” on LinkedIn. I’ve heard that my sales test is the “SAT of sales” by a person who loves calling me “The Quota Killer.” I’ve influenced a Customer Success rep, who studied one of my Quora replies and landed a job in sales.

The Titan approach has also started gaining broader appeal to IT executives who need to persuade their leaders to approve their budgets. I ran a session on persuasion for SIM (Society for Information Management) Women, where I helped IT practitioners and CIOs write quick, witty replies to common criticisms of their technology programs. And in private consultation, I’ve helped a CTO confront a Chief Communicator Officer to encourage her to bring problem statements rather than solutions to his department.

If you need your team to master the essential pitch skills, please email me.

P.S. In my free time, I have been in the performing arts since 2nd grade. Tap dancing, break dancing, and stand-up comedy have made their way into the Titan assets.

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